April 25, 2019

As Life Evolves Let Blue Ocean Be Your Partner

Life evolves and your needs change.

Why not prepare for life events and life goals with an adviser here at Blue Ocean? We can sit down one-on-one and walk you through each step. Our goal is to assist in building a strong road map for you to follow.

Prepare financially for life events and life goals.

  • Dealing with divorce: Preparation and financial planning during and after divorce can help you protect your financial interests.
  • Saving for college: Create a college savings plan begins by defining your educational needs and preferences.
  • Getting married: By planning and communicating together, you achieve long-term financial success together.
  • Job loss: The potential for a job loss in today’s economy is very real. That is why it’s very important to be prepared prior to a job loss or other potential crisis.
  • Job transition: Should you take your old employer’s retirement plan money with you? Which benefit options should you choose?
  • Managing an inheritance: Inheritance can come in many forms. Before making any major financial decisions, you may wish to talk over inheritance planning details with an attorney, a financial advisor and tax professional.
  • Having a baby: It’s never too soon to start budgeting for a child, planning for college expenses, considering tax implications and insuring your family now and over time.